Make your virtual event an engaging reality

How to build virtual events that convert into onsite attendees and–then–customers



Make your virtual event an engaging reality

The gathering of people to solve problems has led to the greatest human achievements.

The COVID-19 virus and required social distancing has not just disrupted business, but made it abundantly clear how the joining of ideas and people is to how we live, work, and play.

But, the last few years have shown us that technology can help stay connected, share ideas, and network without spending hours traveling and countless nights on the road. While there’s no replacement for in-person meetings, virtual conferences and events can make for engaging experiences that lead to more focused in-person events and better customer conversions.

Over the next several weeks, we will be providing event, marketing, and sales teams focused webinars to:

  1. Discuss the benefits of holding virtual events
  2. Take virtual attendees and turn them into physical participants
  3. Personalize the virtual and in-person experience that delivers on your brand promise
  4. Build virtual conferences that increase attendance, improve engagement, and increase ROI

Provide personalized experiences, virtually.

Your company is unique in every way. So are your attendees. Bring customers the content and information that moves them through personalized experiences that bridge the gap between in-person and virtual conferences. Enhance an on-site event with a digital addition, or replace an on-site event with an digital conference environment.

Host an online event anytime

There are plenty of reasons to host a virtual event that can deliver real value and open opportunities for those who don’t travel or attend larger gatherings. Host an online event whenever you need to…

Build a common registration or entry portal that not only displays but suggests a menu of speakers, panels, and content relevant to their interests.
Create an online session consisting of multiple webinars, sessions, tracks, and break-out groups.
Generate higher quality leads from summits, trade shows, and thought leadership.

What to expect from this webinar

On this webinar, you’ll gain insights from the experiences from virtual event experts and strategies to utilize AI-powered personalization to maximize opportunities through:
• AI powered recommendations
• Proximity-based suggestions
• Attendee networking
• Sponsorship opportunities
• Augmented Reality (AR) deployment
• Website, content, and offers

Count on EventusAI to equip your events, sales and marketing teams with the technology, support and expertise you need to grow the reach and impact of your essential events.