Virtual Widgets

Virtual Event Engagement Widgets

Worried that your audience may have virtual event fatigue?  With meetings and events moving online it is hard to keep your audience engaged.  Keep them entertained with our fun easy retro game widgets, emoji feedback, polling, and Q&A.  

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virtual emojis

Emoji Real-time Feedback

Emoji’s are now part of our everyday vernacular, we smile, heart, clap on various social media platforms to instantly give our feedback and feelings about a post.  Imagine if you could get the same real time emotive feedback on your virtual event?  Want to see immediately how well the keynote is going?  Are your audience enjoying the breakout?  Do they agree with your panellist’s thoughts?

Eventus Emojis’ allow you to get instant feedback on your virtual events, replicating that of a live-in person audience.  They also allow you to feedback to speakers and presenters which areas of their session really resonated with your delegates.  The emoji widgets are simple to add onto sessions and configurable to your needs, including adding logos to them.

Eventus Game Widgets

Keep your attendees engaged during breaks between sessions, use gamification to drive participation or provide some light relief from content heavy events.

Tetris Eventus

Delight your attendees with a Tetris competition between colleagues! Attendees can compete for the highest score to increase networking and engagement.

Alien Invaders Eventus

Bring out your inner child, blast into retro outer-space to destroy the invading aliens between sessions.

Serpent Eventus

Bring back nostalgic games to entertain your audience. Your attendees will love our Serpent game, create a leader board to add buzz to your event.

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Some of the best virtual events use us to help them engage their attendees, excite the audience and build connection.

Appointment Tool

Embed a simple appointment tool into your virtual event to permit your attendees to easily book time with experts, execs or sponsors.

This basic schedule tool permits you to define the days and times you will allow appointments depending on availability. After finding the appropriate time, a pre-configured set of meeting questions can be displayed to prepare the group for the discussion and a confirmation email is sent to all participants involved.

*We offer more advanced 1:1 attendee booking capabilities which include artificial intelligence recommendations, room management and lead generation.

Charity Giving

Looking for ways to give back to the community? Running charity virtual events? We know Covid has made it exceedingly difficult for many charity organisations to fundraise. Whether you are a corporate organisation with a chosen charity to support or a charity organisation trying to raise further funds, use our charity widget to receive donations from attendees.

Charity widgets can be connected to the charity of your choice and embedded into your virtual event system giving your audience the opportunity to give back to their community.

Why not present total donations on a leader board which can add to the gamification of the event.



Polling and Q/A

Want to ensure your live or simulive experience is engaging? Consider the Eventus Polling and Live Q&A features

Encourage your speakers to use either polls or Q&A or both to ensure their audience is truly engaged.  Eventus Q&A widget can be embedded onto any virtual event platform, creating an easy way for you to add Q&A to sessions, all can be moderated by your moderator or facilitator.  The polling widget allows real-time feedback to encourage further live discussions throughout the event.