The Event Tek Journal

The Event Tek Journal

Event Managers, Marketing Managers, Director of Event Marketing are on the front lines of every event, conference, and meeting. Every day, the manager is faced with a need for relevant speakers, additional attendee and vendor responsibility, the ever-changing world of technology and the constant but ever-present last-minute changes. To be successful, an Event Manager needs to have the work ethic of a champion and the ability to adapt like a chameleon.

Day in and day out, the event managers role consists of designing logistical layouts, wading through unlimited emails, connecting with exhibitors and attendees all the while working to make it better and more amazing with a shrinking budget. Through this work, the objective of the Event Manager in events is still to deliver a quality conference and/or meeting with relevant material in a timely manner. Add in the need to have better speakers and more individuality with attendees the pressure can be quite large.

As the tech scene grows and more opportunities arise to leverage technology at events, the role of Event Manager cannot be overlooked. Not only that, but there’s a huge opportunity for career development for those who prove they can excel.

There are no college majors or minors in the hospitality/event career path that reviewing and help the event manager understand the possibilities of technology in the marketplace. The problem is that with all the demands on your time you still are required to keep up with all current and future technology to create a successful event of a meeting.


However, I wanted to provide a solution to the challenge of knowing the current state of technology and provide a preview of future technology as well. My plan is to give advice, and tips for Event Managers who are beginning their journey. The solution that I created is a blog called The Event Tek Journal, which provides the first-hand perspective from fellow event planning technologist — like myself. The future of this channel will be to have event tech thought leaders, my colleagues at Eventus AI, and fellow event engineers share their thoughts and tips via the blog or on occasion a video. I believe that this will help Event Managers in a quick and concise way.

The Event Tek Journal

Get a complete picture of the technology available in the marketplace to create and deliver world-class events and conferences.

“Technology is constantly changing and evolving. I want to make sure that someone can help make sense of it all. That is why we created Eventus AI.”
Matt Cheek

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