Funneling Data Into A Smart Tool

Attendees may come from various parts of the world to invest their time and resources to attend your conference. For them, expectations are high for a healthy ROI.

For event planners throughout the world, aligning the right content with their audience is critical to ensure brand loyalty. It will cause great frustration for any event team to spend countless hours planning content that is underutilized OR that targets the wrong audience!

In addition to this challenge, you may find that your first-year attendees approach the event so overwhelmed by all the options they may not know where to start first! It becomes a challenge for any event planner to ensure that first-timer and long-time attendee alike, they are both aware of all opportunities onsite and can easily navigate the options to ensure they participate in those activities that ensure the greatest ROI.

How do you do all this? With state-of-the-art machine learning tools via Eventus AI. By funneling all CRM, event profile, web behavior and onsite behavioral data into an ever-learning smart tool, your attendees can receive prescribed smart agenda recommendations that update in real-time. Imagine the benefit your first-time attendees receive when they pull up their agenda to observe that they were given recommendations that align precisely with their interests. These recommendations can include sessions, exhibitor booths, demos or any new program activities that might be otherwise difficult to promote. Your first-time attendee can choose to access the entire agenda, or change out one-off recommendation to other alternatives available to them. Fortunately, by responding in such a way, the machine learning tools carefully observes their specific choices to attend something other than initially recommended and will re-calibrate the engine accordingly.

In today’s world of smart technology, leverage the tools available to help guide your attendees to the most impactful experience possible is critical. Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence/machine learning from Eventus AI.

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