Emoji Real-Time Feedback Platform



Emoji Real-Time Feedback Platform:

Emoji’s are now part of our everyday vernacular, we smile, heart, clap on various social media platforms to instantly give our feedback and feelings about a post.  Imagine if you could get the same real time emotive feedback on your virtual event?  Want to see immediately how well the keynote is going?  Are your audience enjoying the breakout?  Do they agree with your panellist’s thoughts?

Eventus Emojis’ allow you to get instant feedback on your virtual events, replicating that of a live-in person audience.  They also allow you to feedback to speakers and presenters which areas of their session really resonated with your delegates.  The emoji widgets are simple to add onto sessions and configurable to your needs, including adding logos to them.

$1,000 per event up to 5,000 attendees.

We are happy to accommodate up to 25,000 attendees. Contact Matt.cheek@eventusai.com to accommodate enterprise level events.