Virtual Events: The Top Three Mistakes and top three suggestions!

Top Three Mistakes: Making a pivot towards virtual events can be a challenging. For many organizations, this is a very new and uncomfortable experience. What are some common pitfalls to watch out for when jumping into this new world? When shifting from an in person to virtual event, trends suggest one should prepare for a significantly larger audience. Virtual events are more convenient and often less expensive than an in… Read More »Virtual Events: The Top Three Mistakes and top three suggestions!

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words” conjures thoughts of some of the most famous pictures and paintings in history. What do those thousand words tell us about the pictures and paintings? How do those words describe the piece in question and allow us to better understand what the artist was trying to convey? The picture and a dataset could be construed as similar in giving information and allowing people the opportunity to make their own judgements on… Read More »They say that a picture is worth a thousand words

The Mindset Of Your Client

Are you getting into the mindset of your client? Is it possible? Pop Quiz. Which one of these do you agree with? You can’t really personalize your services to each client because of expense. Personalization is too time consuming. We would love to personalize our message, but we do not know how. Personalization is key to being able to apply our services to my client’s needs. If you agree with… Read More »The Mindset Of Your Client

Funneling Data Into A Smart Tool

Attendees may come from various parts of the world to invest their time and resources to attend your conference. For them, expectations are high for a healthy ROI. For event planners throughout the world, aligning the right content with their audience is critical to ensure brand loyalty. It will cause great frustration for any event team to spend countless hours planning content that is underutilized OR that targets the wrong… Read More »Funneling Data Into A Smart Tool

The Event Tek Journal

The Event Tek Journal Event Managers, Marketing Managers, Director of Event Marketing are on the front lines of every event, conference, and meeting. Every day, the manager is faced with a need for relevant speakers, additional attendee and vendor responsibility, the ever-changing world of technology and the constant but ever-present last-minute changes. To be successful, an Event Manager needs to have the work ethic of a champion and the ability to… Read More »The Event Tek Journal

5 Key Actions to Streamline Technology at Events.

Dave Hill is an Event Technology Consultant working with a variety of events from large conferences to smaller forums globally. I asked him to sit down with me to chat about the 5 most significant areas where he sees opportunities to streamline the technology at an event. What is the most significant area you find for improvement? The need to get both engineering teams on the same page- In many… Read More »5 Key Actions to Streamline Technology at Events.

Day 1 Advice

My first day in Event Technology- What would I tell myself?I was in Las Vegas this week with one of our new clients who is leveraging our new Saas Product. While in Las Vegas, I wanted to be efficient with my time so I set aside time to network with Senior Event Industry. I met a Senior Industry Leader who graciously agreed to sit down with me and give me… Read More »Day 1 Advice