We believe that your time and the time of your attendees is more valuable than you know

At the end of the day, it’s all about capturing relevant, actionable data that leads directly to sales. Let EventusAI work with you to create a plan with the solutions that make sense for you.

Who We Are

We all do events. A lot of them. Our industry is exciting, exhausting, and there’s never a dull moment. Whether you produce a couple of events a year or have a packed, year-long schedule, we know you’re making a sizable investment––all with the aim of meeting new people and growing brand and business for you and your sponsors.

EventusAI was created more than 10 years ago as an event technology consulting group. Since then, our collective decades of experience in registration solutions, mobile apps, content tools, meetings management, database, APIs, custom development, BI, RFID, BLE, AR/VR (and more) provides us the expertise to consult with our clients on their event tech stack and help them align the right solutions to their goals and objectives.

Frankly, most people are using antiquated methods when it comes to lead generation. Persona-based marketing, attendee registration and generic customer journeys are too hit-and-miss. And unreliable. The data are often non-qualitative, generic, random, and create a mountain of information too painful for any sales team to sift through.

Moving Forward

That was yesterday.

Today, EventusAI focuses on the revolutionary advances in machine learning tools and hyper-personalization essential to staying ahead of the competition and getting the most value out of your event investment.

Artificial Intelligence solutions rely heavily on a sound understanding of various data sources and how they interact. Through the use of EventusAI’s proprietary machine learning tools, we’ve changed the way attendees interact with events through lead retrieval, registration, content schedule, attendee networking solutions, and more.

In a nutshell…

  • Create an attendee experience that learns and responds to real-time behaviors
  • Take advantage of AI-powered recommendations that guide attendees to the precise experience they desire most
  • Increase your hot leads by 200-400%
  • Automate and streamline the lead qualification process and produce immediate personalized and actionable targeted campaigns
  • Provide a simplified and integrated registration experience
  • Allow attendees to provide “hand-raisers” during the registration process that can be noticed and acted upon immediately

building automated intelligence into everything we create.

Time matters. Let’s not waste it. Tap in to the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to take the chaos and waste out of lead generation and get you the information you need to efficiently follow-up on the investment you make at your events.

creating a wholly customizable experience, perfect for you.

Your business is unlike any other, so it’s silly to assume you’ll represent yourselves at your events like anyone else. EventusAI won’t force-feed solutions down your throat. We’ll work with you to understand exactly what you need and offer it in a clean, easy-to-integrate way.

the better the customer experience, the better your bottom line.

Your customer comes to your event with real objectives and are hoping you and your sponsors can help address them. EventusAI makes the customer experience a seamless and efficient one with personalized website widgets, intelligent recommendations on the sessions and training they need based on their profile and behavior, on-the-spot meeting scheduling and more.