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Engaging virtual and in-person attendees at events via smart agenda apps, lead capture, virtual event game widgets, and emojis.

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Benefit and Core Feature

Identify and Act on Hot Leads

Whether you are using our virtual widgets, smart event app, or AI-powered lead generation solution, our tools are designed to streamline your marketing and sales processes. Is your next event producing a return on investment? We can help you find out!

Benefit and Core Feature

Personalize the Journey

Everywhere you there are more and more Virtual Events popping up the overload is real. We’ve all been there. Eventus takes cookie cutter out of the picture. Learn more about our:

• Retro Games/Photo Booth/Emoji widgets
• AI-driven lead application
• AI-recommendation
• Personalization of content delivery
• …and more

Our Products.

Secure the powerful solutions you need, and not the ones you don’t.
Artificial Intelligence

Create a hyper-personalized attendee experience customized to the precise needs of each and every attendee, even if their plans change on the fly.

Lead Generation

Cut down the turnaround time in getting your leads to sales teams, reduce the lag, and lose that useless data through streamlined automation.

AI-Mobile Event App

Our event app features smart agenda, AI-powered recommended sessions, exhibitors, demos, and attendees. Your exhibitors can flip a switch and activate their lead solution all in one location.

Virtual Widgets

Are your event attendees suffering from virtual event fatigue? Wake them up with some cool retro games which can be embedded into your event platform.

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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.

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Multiply Your
Total Leads

Our case studies show that our clients that use our lead solution have multiplied their total leads many times over.


Nobody wants to push garbage data to their marketing automation platform. We help automate the cleansing process


Imagine the ability to auto-route your registration or lead data to the right salesperson immediately. We can do that for you!

Prove ROI

Wondering if the event you invest in is providing ROI? We can help calculate which leads produce an ultimate sale! 

Decades of

Our team of professionals have dozens of years in event technology, leading technology deployment and strategy for some of the world’s biggest named shows.


Our solutions are empowered by Artificial Intelligence which allows us to not only prescribe personalized content but predict attendee behavior. Now that’s power!

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